AppFolio Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Cook CPA provides expert, affordable and thorough AppFolio bookkeeping services. Hire a CPA firm that understands your property management platform like you do! We are ready to help you get the most out of your AppFolio account, contact us for a free consultation.

What Do Our Clients Have To Say About Working With Cook CPA?

Experienced AppFolio Bookkeeping Services

Cook CPA works directly with busy property managers seeking AppFolio bookkeeping services.

Whether you need help reconciling accounts, cleaning up your books or doing an annual report, we can help you too!

You can try to work with standard bookkeeping services, but we’ve found that very few – if any – have team members specializing in AppFolio accounting.

If you’re working on that platform, you need a CPA firm that knows how to use that platform too. Cook CPA is that firm!

Thorough, Knowledgable AppFolio Accounting

We know the ins and outs of accounting on the AppFolio software platform. We can help you thoroughly clean up any accounts you manage.

We can come alongside your team and help with reconciliations, the balance of accounts, or ensuring data validity for accurate year-end reporting.

If you’re using AppFolio, we know that means you want to focus your time on managing your properties and not wrestling with accounting discrepancies.

Let us solve your headaches for you so you can get back to optimizing your properties and taking care of your tenants!

Our AppFolio Bookkeeping Services Are Affordable

What will tapping into our deep expertise in AppFolio accounting cost you? We aim to keep services as affordable as possible while not compromising on quality. We love working with small and mid-sized businesses. We keep our AppFolio bookkeeping costs very affordable so the average business owner can afford to work with us.

We work with property managers of all sizes. If you have a huge property portfolio, we can handle it just as well as if you only manage a handful of properties!

We know that each property management service – and AppFolio account – is unique. We will custom-tailor any quote for services to you based on the scope of work needed and the type of work requested. You will find our team members professional and efficient.

We are based in Wichita, Kansas but provide all services remotely. We serve clients in numerous states in the USA as well as globally. We can conduct initial consultations and account overviews via video meeting or phone call.

If you want help with AppFolio bookkeeping services please call or contact us today to find out more!

Cook CPA Has The Answers You Need

We want to help you answer your accounting questions quickly. Our team at Cook CPA is ready to help you grow your business and fulfill your accounting needs. 

Peter Cook, CPA
Founder, Cook CPA

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