Our Mission

Our mission at Cook CPA is to elevate your business growth with our client-centric CPA accounting services. We have the tools and expertise your business needs to succeed and thrive in today’s business environment. Don’t go it alone, we are ready to help! 

What Do Our Accounting Customers Have To Say About Working With Cook CPA?

Accounting That Focuses On One Thing – Your Business!

We see a problem in the accounting industry.

You can call it a disconnect. You can call it distance. But whatever you call it, there is a gap between businesses and their accountants.

Do you ever feel like your accountant is on a different page? Doesn’t quite get what your business is about? Lacks vision for how to help you grow it?
It is time to bridge that gap.

Client Centered Accounting

We seek to eliminate the distance that is often present within the customer relationship between accountant and client. We don’t want to just help you balance your books, but build your business for a healthy financial future. It’s not about us. It’s not about just making sure all the numbers fit. It’s about you, and making your business work better every day!

Solution Focused Accounting

We want to understand your business and market with you so we can both move forward together. We hate to react after the fact to market shifts and new challenges. We seek to proactively provide specific solutions that will generate results that matter to your business. We want to help propel your business or personal financial position forward in a consistent and holistic manner. Cook CPA will help you get the results you want.

Service Oriented Accounting

We have one reason to exist as a company, and that is to serve your business. Remember the good-old-days when the customer came first? Those days are back. We don’t force you to accept our pre-packaged solutions. All of our services are tailored to fit the unique needs of each client – and that means your business too! Enjoy accounting services that fit like a glove and meet the specific needs of your business each and every time. Cook CPA will be your reliable, service-oriented partner to make this happen.

Driving Innovation & Growth

We enjoy taking the hard work of accounting off of your plate by balancing the books, running payroll, preparing tax returns, answering audits and all the other essential services. But what we really enjoy is helping our clients plan for innovative business growth. Why work with a firm that merely balances the books when you can partner with us to grow those books bigger each year? You need a knowledgeable, trusted partner to make this happen. That’s where Cook CPA comes in.

Want to know how we can help your business? Contact us now to schedule a free consultation with our team.

Cook CPA Has The Answers You Need

We want to help you answer your accounting questions quickly. Our team at Cook CPA is ready to help you grow your business and fulfill your accounting needs. 


Peter Cook, CPA
Founder, Cook CPA

Cook CPA